GPGDragon Ver 2.11 Download

1.remove software restriction
2.Support new flash memories: SF_GD27Q64, NAND_H8ACSOEJOMCP_66M

***************************** Ver2.10 (2011-10-20) ****************************
New features:
1: [SPD] Support SC6610/20 serial flash
2: [MStar] Support IMEI rebuild
3: [All Chips] Support new serial flash memory:

Bug fixes:
1.[SPD] Fix SC6600D ReadFlash
2: some tiny bug fixed

***************************** Ver2.09 (2011-9-17) ****************************
New features:
1: [MTK] Support MT6252 PCT serial flash
2: [MTK] boot3.1108 improved
3: [SPD] IMEI rebuild improved
4: [MISC] Support Serial Flash 4KB format operation
5: [All Chips] Support new serial flash memory:

Bug fixes:
1.[MTK] Fix the serial flash ID detection
2.[MTK] Fix MT6252 boot fail
3.some UI bugs fixed
***************************** Ver2.08 (2011-8-5) ****************************
New features:
1: [MTK] MT6236 supported
2: [MTK] netword unlock improved
3: [MStar] MSW8533C Nand supported
4: [All Chips] Support new flash memory:

***************************** Ver2.07 (2011-6-13) ****************************
New features:
1: [SPD] large page nand flash supported
2: [SPD] nand WriteFlash improved
3: [SPD] 4 IMEI rebuild
4: [MTK] boot3.1108 added
5: [MTK] ST Family NAND program improved in InternalRam
5: [MTK] 4 IMEI rebuild in Tracker mode
6: [MTK] NV backup speed improved
7: [MTK] netword unlock
8: [MStar] MSW8533c supported
9: [MStar] thief protect unlock
10: [All Chips] Support new NOR flash memory: MX69GL640EAXGW;

Bug fixes:
1: [spd] fixed WriteFlash error
2: some tiny bug fixed

P.S. MT6236 test
***************************** Ver2.06 (2011-4-29) ****************************
New features:
1.[SPD] Fix the 8800H\S pinfind bug
2.[mstar]add the new boot support mstar
3.[MTK] Fix the MTK IMEI bug
4.[INF]Fix the Infineon 7880 Flash Bug
5.[MTK] Support MTK 6516 NAND Read flash

***************************** Ver2.05 (2011-3-30) ****************************
New features:
1: [SPD] Read version of project in NOR mode
2: [SPD] SC8800H/S NAND USB-MODE supported, Read/Write/Unlock etc.
3: [MTK] New UID decryption for ROM+Bootloader in NOR FlashFile
4: [MTK] Bypass Protection of Secure BB chip on MT6226 series
5: [MTK] Added MT6253 UID decryption V2 in InternalRam bootloader
6: [MTK] IMEI Rebuild function improved
7: [All Chips] Support new NOR flash memory: SVME6432UTB
8: UI improved

***************************** Ver2.03 (2011-3-3) *****************************
New features:
1. Support new NOR flash memories:

Bug fixes:
1: Fixed list of Flash in bootloader.
2: Fixed NOR_TV00560002EDGB program bug.

***************************** Ver2.02 (2011-2-21) *****************************
Bug fixes:
1: Fixed some UI bug.
2: [MStar] Fixed erase blocks fail before program.
3: [SPD] Remove an error when start to run Reset option.
Try Reset first, if not successfully, then use the Format. I think it's more powerful
than Format.

***************************** Ver2.01 (2011-2-18) *****************************
New features:
1: New UI
2: [MTK] New IMEI rebuild added
3: [MTK] New direct unlock added
5: [MTK] Remove all restrictions for NV Editor
6: [MTK] Remove all restrictions for FAT
7: [MTK] Remove all restrictions for IntRAM. In NAND Mode, You can use it to fix some of the
problems after format with full flashfile of original backpu.
8: [MTK] Added new ExtractFile function to Nand flash.
9: [MTK] Added Compare Image to WriteFlash in IntRAM Boot
10:[MTK] Remove all restrictions for MT6268
11:[SPD] Added Compare Image to WriteFlash
12:[ADI] Added new bootloader, Support ReadFlash/WriteFlash/Format/ReadCode/Expert Mode.
13:[ADI] Added Compare Image to WriteFlash
14:[INF] Boots improved, Format added
15:[INF] Added Compare Image to WriteFlash
16:[SI] Boots improved, Compare Image added
17:[TI] Added new bootloader, Support Read/Write/Format/Expert Mode, Does not have the
unnecessary phone test, may cause some questions.
18:[TI] Added Compare Image to WriteFlash
19:[NXP] Boots improved, Format added
20:[NXP] Added Compare Image to WriteFlash
21:[Mstar] Added Compare Image to WriteFlash in B1 Boot
22:[All Chipsets] Expert Mode improved, It's easy to call in any time.
23:[All Chipsets] Added BufferPGM to WriteFlash, some Flash needs to check it by program failed.
24:[All Chipsets] Support new NOR flash memories:

26:[MISC] Flasher Log Added
27:[MISC] Flasher info can copy to the clipboard directly with the right click
28:[MISC] Two langurage transformed
29:[MISC] Hex Editor added
30:[MISC] Random IMEI generation added
31:[SPD] Added Reset option. Cleaer all user date and Reset to factory default.
note: make a full backup of Flash first.
32:[All Bootloaders] New CheckID algorithm for all SPANSION MirrorBit Family

Bug fixes:
1: [SPD] Fixed blue screen when program failed.
2: [SPD] Fixed connect timeout settings.
3: [SPD] Fixed program timeout settings in bootloader.
4: [SPD] Fixed illegal character in return code.
5: [All Bootloaders] Fixed bug caused DA to misjudge base address when erase sector
6: [MISC] Fixed a bug caused by reading firmware version in some countries' users.

************************GPGDragon Ver 1.12 (2010/12/24)***********************
New features:
1:[MTK] MT6253 auto UID decrypt supported
2:[MTK] Add a new identification method for Chip-UID-Protect
3:[MTK] MT6253 start command protocol improved
4:[SPD] Added new SC6600L-COM Boot
5:[SPD] New Speardtrum USB driver supported
6:New protect algorithm for all commzero private file types

Bug fixes:
1:[NXP] Fix read flash bug
************************GPGDragon Ver 1.10 (2010/11/22)***********************
Bug fixes:
1:Fix some UI bugs.

*****************************GPGDragon Ver 1.09*****************************
New features:
1:[MStar] Added new Boot for B1 Family
2:[MTK] Fix "Informality Software" for Chang Hong series mobile phone
3:Support new flash memories:

*****************************GPGDragon Ver 1.08*****************************
perfect support China mobile
MTK\Spread Trum\SkyWorks\ADI\NXP\Silabs\Infineon\Anyka\Qualcomm\Mstar
MTK support Read info\Read flash\Write Flash\Format\IMEI repair\Tracker(support repair
Touch screen \Read code unlock\imei function\Audio function and more)
Spd Support Read info\read flash\write flash\format\imei repair function
qualcomm support china cdma(ZTE\HUAWEI...) auto pinfind and read code for unlock
infineon support read flash and write flash\ decryption
Silabs support SI4901\4904 read flash\write flash\format\read the unlock code
anyka support anyka 3224\3223 read falsh\write flash\format
NXP support read flash and write flash